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The Coaching Readiness Diagnostic©

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Read each question carefully and provide your answer succinctly. If you are not sure of your answer, then type ‘not sure’. The analysis of your answers will inform the initial discussion you and I hold on the telephone. Strict privacy conditions are attached to your answers. I will use them only for the purposes of helping you understand how executive coaching may help you enhance your career and/or performance at work. Once I have held a discussion with you, your name will be removed from the stored copy of the results.

  • What’s the name of the position you currently hold?

  • What’s your level of tertiary education?

  • For how many years have you worked?

  • In that time, for how many distinct leadership and management roles have you been responsible?

  • In a short sentence, explain your reasons for being interested in executive coaching services.

  • In a second short sentence, state what key difference to your life and career you imagine executive coaching may make.

  • What compelling intellectual and/or emotional reason do you have for being interested in engaging in executive coaching?

  • To what extent do you feel able to make changes to your current life-career situation?

    – What makes you say this?

  • What, if any, prior experience with executive coaching do you personally have?

    – Do you know others with experience of executive coaching? If you don’t, proceed to the next question.
       If you do, what benefits do you believe they have derived?

  • If you engage in executive coaching, to what extent will it be because you choose to rather than have been told to by your organisation?

  • Assuming you do engage in executive coaching with the support of your organisation, what position does the person sponsoring you involvement hold?

  • If you do engage in executive coaching, who will be responsible for the fees involved? Your organisation or yourself?

  • Please enter your full name, email and mobile and I will get in touch.