Beaton Executive Coaching

What I offer

The term ‘coach’ originally derives from the word ‘carriage’. This reflects the contemporary view that coaching is a ‘vehicle’ that helps convey a valued individual to a particular destination. Executive coaching is specialised. As a discipline, it brings together business knowledge, psychological expertise and coaching skills.

My role as a coach

In my role as an executive coach, I help accelerate and sustain the development
of an organisation’s most senior and valued talent, helping them move from where they are now to where they need – and want – to be as leaders.

In each of these situations, the individual must learn to ‘let go’ of the past in order
to grow and ‘step up’. I understand the unique challenges individuals face at these times, both personally and professionally. Through coaching, I seek to provide the tools and support they need to proceed with greater surety and confidence.

Types of coaching

My practice is specifically designed to maximise the potential of an organisation’s leaders through:

Organisational benefits

The organisation also benefits in deep strategic ways from the coaching its executives receive. These benefits include a more sustainable pipeline of leaders, deeper bench strength of talent at all levels and greater staff engagement. Combined, these benefits create and maintain a high-performing culture and competitive advantage.