Beaton Executive Coaching

Why me

When you engage Beaton Executive Coaching, you choose to work with me, Margaret Beaton.

  • This means that you get the organisational focus offered by larger providers, but with the guarantee that you will work only with me throughout the entire engagement.
  • Over the last 25 years, I have coached and advised senior leaders in some of Australia’s largest and most iconic organisations; I know and understand senior executives and the unique challenges they face.
  • Commanding extensive business experience, I am also commercially orientated and keenly attuned to an organisation’s broader strategic imperatives.
  • Unlike the sole practitioner, I aim to serve both the individual and the organisation, with a deep focus on aligning individual and organisational needs for the betterment of both.
  • I use a ‘coaching in context’ approach, which takes into consideration an organisation’s strategic intent and internal culture, as well as the specific team dynamics in which an individual works.
  • I tailor my coaching style (transformation, supervised or transition) to the specific life-career change an individual is experiencing in order to ensure sustainable behaviour change and tangible outcomes for the business.
  • As a qualified psychologist, I am uniquely qualified to identify where there may be personal problems and am able to refer clients to other specialists who can directly address these concerns.
  • Having worked with those in, or on the verge of, the C-suite to board members in government, corporations, professional services firms and universities, I am aware of the sensitivities involved in coaching individuals with very high-profile or publically scrutinised roles.

When I engage with you, I am choosing to work with an organisation that is committed to getting the very best out of its people. This means that you truly recognise the value in assisting your leaders, and the teams within which they work, to adapt to change, to cope with ever-increasing work demands and to flourish within complex, dynamic environments and diverse, multi-generational workforces.