Centred on you – and grounded in your organisation

Because your life and career are complementary, I adopt a holistic approach to your coaching. One encompassing you, the strategy, culture and structure of your organisation – and the external environment.

My coaching framework

Developing leadership skills. Strengthening talent. Managing succession.

These are the three pillars of a high-performance culture, maximum people engagement – and ultimately, better business results.

I focus on each through my three forms of executive coaching:

Transformation coaching for leadership

I equip you to become a stronger leader – by deepening your self- awareness and embracing new ways of thinking and behaving.

Supervised coaching for talent

I support and empower you to coach others effectively, improve their performance and actively manage their careers.

Transition coaching for succession

I help you prepare for a seamless transition in the face of change – whether it’s a bigger role, another organisation or different career.

I work in a tripartite arrangement. This means my coaching involves you, your organisational sponsor and me. If required, I can also offer you coaching in your personal capacity.

Based on evidence – and driven by clear goals

My coaching will help you establish a baseline (where you are), set goals (where you want to be) and create a roadmap to get you there.

To do this, I assess your strengths, areas for development, core values, role and organisational context using a range of assessment methods, including:

Psychological inventories

Interview-based 360˚ feedback

Engagement surveys.

What you can expect


Sessions typically run for 90 minutes


I offer coaching on your site, at my office – and/or via phone or video conference


I can integrate my coaching into your leadership and organisational programs


Depending on your needs and goals, I typically provide 5-10 sessions over 6-12 months

Discover how I can
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On the way to reaching my full potential

I’ve learned to develop others. I never realised I had it in me, or how much I could unleash energy and influence productivity. Now I lead a large team of people with diverse experience and skills. With Margaret as my coach, I’m on the way to reaching my full potential as a leader.

Senior Executive | State Government

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