Transition coaching

Embrace change – with clarity and confidence

As an executive moving to a new role, organisation or career, you have two key challenges. Preparing yourself for the change. And readying your successor. I can help you do both – in a safe, confidential space.

How to achieve a seamless transition

My transition coaching is designed to help you achieve a seamless transition in the face of change and uncertainty. This may be because you are moving into:

A more complex, demanding or senior role

A new organisation (due to a redundancy, merger or misalignment with your current employer)

A new life-career stage.

With the right resources and direction, you can build the skills and resilience to thrive in your new environment, leave the legacy you want – and ensure the long-term stability of your organisation.

What you will take away

When it comes to designing your future, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. Ideally, you want to move forward without regret – and without wasting precious time following dead ends.

To achieve this, I work closely with you to:

Clarify what you truly want – and why

Gather market intelligence to understand internal and external career opportunities

Network effectively, forge strategic relationships and secure mentors and sponsors

Generate ideas for alternative career options

Build and promote your personal brand and value proposition.

Sarah’s story

Sarah was Acting Departmental Secretary in a government department. At the time, her goal was to secure the permanent position. But roadblocked by several challenges, and curious about other opportunities, Sarah became less certain about her future.

Are you facing change – and seeking a seamless transition?

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