Transformation coaching
client story

The test of a true leader

Kevin was a general manager for a large national corporation. But he was ready for more. He was eager to join the senior executive committee, build his reputation – and make a real difference.

But several challenges lay ahead

Kevin had to overcome multiple roadblocks to achieve his ambitions:

Kevin was caught in a conflict between two teams, where unprofessional, competitive behaviours were rife. Unsurprisingly, productivity was being seriously compromised.

Kevin’s manager had been sidelined in a recent restructure, which led her to feel suspicious and threatened by Kevin.

Although Kevin wanted to position himself as an authentic leader, he was afraid of exposing his vulnerabilities and failures. This resulted in him coming across as defensive and guarded.

The tools and support Kevin needed

To create harmony between the disputing teams, I coached Kevin on applying the method of ‘dialogue’ – which blends appreciative inquiry with advocacy. This encouraged Kevin and his team to:

Focus on successes rather than problems

Create a common purpose

Drive collective action

Reinforce connections

To repair the relationship with his manager, I helped Kevin identify her working style and use adaptive leadership techniques to align with it. He discovered that by consulting her on major decisions, she felt more confident in her authority.

Finally, to develop his authenticity, I encouraged Kevin to adopt storytelling strategies. This involved recording key lessons in a journal, turning them into anecdotes and using these to inspire others.

Positive outcomes for all

Through my transformation coaching, Kevin achieved all his aspirations.

He became a mediator for the warring groups by integrating the two sub-cultures and harnessing the power of diversity.

He forged a stronger relationship with his manager, which was based on trust and collaboration.

He accepted his strengths and weaknesses to position himself as more ‘real’. This encouraged others to open up – driving team cohesion and performance.