Looking forward to 2022

Join me as we explore my latest coaching insights.

Looking forward to 2022

As the end-of-year holidays and festive season draw closer, I am looking forward to 2022; especially, the anticipation of a new year and its opportunities. I hope you are too.

Be sure to make time to reflect on and be grateful for what you’ve achieved personally and professionally in the past year. To round out 2021, I’ve selected five of my most popular weekly LinkedIn posts to share with followers of my blog, Letting go. Stepping up.

The threads that run through these gems of wisdom and insights are the courage that comes from conviction, living in the moment, striving for wellbeing and caring for others.


Nelson Mandela inspired the world with his words of wisdom. Many will remain etched in our memories forever. This is one. ‘To rise, and fall, and rise again is the destiny of the bold and defines the courageous.



Winston Churchill wrote ‘Being generous, giving more and helping others not only benefits them but ultimately contributes to your own wellbeing and happiness.’



Listen to philosopher Eckhart Tolle. ‘Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to, rather than opposing the flow of life. The only place you can experience the flow of life is in the Now, so to surrender is to accept the present moment unconditionally and without reservation. It is to relinquish the inner resistance to what is.’


More than 100 years ago, with these words, US President Theodore Roosevelt captured the essence of leadership that supports and comforts people as we lurch from Covid crisis to crisis. Compassion and empathy are the hallmarks of true leaders in these times as mental health struggles and economic hardship drive fear into hearts and minds.


Daniel Goleman reminds us that wellbeing is more encompassing than happiness. We can’t chase wellbeing. We can’t buy it. But it’s within our power to train our mind, body and heart to develop the muscles that enable each one of us to achieve it.


With my best wishes to you all.



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This post was written by Dr Margaret Beaton, a director of Beaton Executive Coaching and Beaton Research + Consulting. You can also find Margaret on LinkedIn.