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Richard Branson’s ‘Dear Stranger’ letter

Margaret Beaton

Richard Branson’s ‘Dear Stranger’ letter is a profound piece published on 3 February 2017. I found Dear Stranger on Happiness, a Virgin blog, packed with wise ideas shared by inspiring people. In publishing Dear Stranger on Letting Go. Stepping Up. I acknowledge Richard Branson and the original source, Dear Stranger, a 2015 collection of inspirational, heartfelt letters to an imagined … [Read More]


Coda to ‘It is possible to be happier’

Margaret Beaton

Last month my post titled ‘It is possible to be happier, but not for the reasons you may think’ generated a good deal of interest. So much so in fact that I searched for more practical guidance on what you can do to be happier. Here’s some key things we’ve learning about happiness through science, … [Read More]


It is possible to be happier, but not for the reasons you may think

Margaret Beaton

Re-reading Sonja Lyubomirsky’s ‘The How of Happiness’ I was reminded of the evidence that to be happier, we should look to ourselves, not to others, nor to our circumstances [1]. It is possible, and desirable, for each of us to be happier. Here’s why and how. The nature of happiness First, we need to understand … [Read More]