Why authentic leaders attract authentic followers

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Why authentic leaders attract authentic followers

My January 2014 post is about how to become an authentic leader. Authentic leadership is about your self-concept and the relationship between your self-concept and your actions as a leader.

So I was delighted when one of my regular readers was inspired to send me this piece of wisdom from best-selling author and spiritual guide Deepak Chopra in The Soul-Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness: ‘Leaders and followers co-create each other. They form an invisible spiritual bond. Leaders exist to embody the values that followers hunger for, while followers fuel the leader’s vision from inside themselves.’

Attracting authentic followers

As an authentic leader your consistency and conviction cause followers to trust your integrity, judgement and decisions. In other words, authentic leaders fosters authentic followers.

Deepak Chopra goes on ‘You can be such a leader. The path is open to you. The only requirement is that you learn to listen to your inner guide.’

A leader can wish for no more than to attract followers who are genuine in their allegiance to the leader. Authentic followers.

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This post was written by Dr Margaret Beaton, a director of Beaton Executive Coaching and Beaton Research + Consulting. You can also find Margaret on LinkedIn.